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books are the gate of the imagination, where people can do things you always wanted and dream big, the knowledge gained is unmatched and are of a high cultural value!

Robert Steers

I definitely prefer the PDF version, because you can view it on so many different media.

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Even though I haven't read the book (YET!!!) I'm sure it's fascinating - because it's an interesting issue. as for the the ebook - first of all, it is great for the environment. Second - I think PDF version is best - like Robert wrote - because it's available on almost every media.

 business it service

Great posting really great work done by the author i like to read it please share more information about the business...


I really have to admit it’s quite a novelty to arrive at a relatively ‘different’ blog like this, great job. I expect I’ll be coming back fairly soon and I look forward to reading your next post when I do.

חיפוש עבודה בהיי טק

I look at a range of look for topics from multi-media look for to semantic look for to look for protection and many more.

Bobby Jain

Downloading...thanks for this free share.

Rosa Martin

Thanks for sharing this one, other readers will also love this. I am thankful that you come up with this idea. Thank you!


A fantastic work done the author. Its good that you have provided the PDF version of this ebook. It comfortable to download the book.

Sam @ residential homes Hastings

I know this may sound a little silly, but I'm fairly new to the business and have no idea to what you refer when you mention "Enterprise Search".

Ron Miller

Consumer search is what you use when you open Google and search the open internet, while enterprise search lets you search for just content inside the enterprise content repositories as opposed to the open web. Does that help?

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