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Rob Pegoraro

And here I'd been thinking that the upside of you finally going to SXSW would merely be an in-depth introduction to tacos and BBQ!

I vaguely remember that you pitching the story to TC came up during a conversation at the PayPal media lounge, but I don't remember who said what. Either way: well played, sir. Well played.

Ron Miller

Hi Rob:
I remember that conversation. It was my idea to pitch her. I had actually asked you for other ideas about who to pitch the story.

And it was actually a great introduction to tacos and BBQ, by the way!

Thanks for your role in getting me to this point, even if it just involved those breakfast tacos.:)


So excited for you (and for Matt P and the TC team)! Congratulations.

Ron Miller

Thanks, Mike. I appreciate that. I'm excited too. Hope our paths cross soon.

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