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Steve Haase

Social media is ALL about relationships. Both learning about people and connecting with them online, and then meeting in person to speak about how to take things further. I feel like they might have felt in the early days of the printing press--if they'd had printer's conventions back then--wondering what to do with this marvelous new invention. :)

Great being at PodCamp Western Mass with you, Ron.

Christine Pilch Mancini

I define social media as a relationship builder and a set of communications tools, so I couldn't agree with you more, Ron.

I am also reaching a tipping point where I wondered if I would learn anything new today, but I sure did, from greats like @WriterJax,(PitchEngine, Grader.com,) and @Desktop video,(YouTube annotations, titles, playlists.) I also learned about a cool component of YELP, called Monocle, from PodCamp rockstar, @MMPartee. Those few nuggets almost made my day. But they were second to seeing "old" friends like you, @LesleyLambert and @PatBrough.

There is no other experience like PodCamp. I know it's difficult to give up a precious Saturday, but I leave every time recharged and excited for the next one!

Ron Miller

Hey Steve,
Thanks for the comment. That's a great question, but I bet they would have!

I don't know if we met directly today, but I hope we get a chance to at some point.



Ron Miller

Hi Christine:
That's a great definition and I couldn't agree more.

And no matter how much we think we know, it's well worth the time to go and connect with people and maybe as you found pick up some tips and tricks we hadn't known about.

And as you say, it's not easy to give up a Saturday after a long week, but it was definitely worth it. And it's always nice to spend time with you. :-)


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