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Christine Pilch Mancini

I guess we have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Fingers crossed that TypePad doesn't become the neglected stepchild.

Ron Miller

That's my fear, but I'm with you. Until we hear otherwise, it's business as usual.

Daryl Williams

Great blog. I love tech info and look forward to more. I started out with Joomla and cut my teeth in blogging using Wordpress. Wordpress is easy to us and has a lot of support with plugins etc. The wordpress community is also supportive of newbie wp-sers explaining how to create themes etc.

Ron Miller

Thanks, Daryl. I agree. WordPress is a great platform and if I were starting out today, I would be using that for this blog. I use it for my other blog: www.socmedia101.com. But given that search engines already know this blog and it would mean starting from scratch, I'm only moving at this point, if I absolutely have to.

Thanks for the comment.

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