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Mac McCarthy

It only lets you read books. That's all. Somehow this has been turned into a negative.

Here's my car. It only takes me places. It's ot like my dump truck, which can take me places *and* haul dirt! It's not like my limo, which can take me places and 15 of my friends too. It's not my race car, which can take me places at 120mph. It's not...

I just don't get this popular criticism of the Kindle. Yes, it's a book reader. No, it's not a tablet computer. Why is that a criticism? It's priced low because it's just a book reader - why is that a criticism? It does what it does, and does it much better than anyone else; it's priced appropriately for what it does.

Their message: If you want to read books, Kindle does that as well as or better than an iPad - in outdoor lighting, much better. The ad doesn't imply that it does anything else, or that the iPad doesn't.

Funny that.

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