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David Strom

Ron, I bought the Roku device you might want to check into that. You can get a lot more channels of free stuff than with the Apple TV box. Or just hook up a spare PC to your TV. The key is having an HDMI out from whatever box you choose.


Christine Pilch Mancini

I signed up almost at the beginning, when all east coast flix were coming from a distro center in the south. It was taking a week+ to get movies, so I Googled "netflix ceo" and ended up emailing back and forth with him. He talked me into sticking with Netflix because they were in the process of opening a distro center in Shrewsbury, MA, 45 min away from me. That happened within a couple weeks, and I never looked back. Netflix rocks!

Ron Miller

Several people have recommended that Roku box and it looks very intriguing, I just wonder if it will be around long term.

Thanks for commenting.


Ron Miller

Hi Christine:
I love the way you get in touch directly with companies when you're not happy with the service.

Thanks for commenting,

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