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"So celebrate the great success, but don't gloat. You have an OS on many phones. Apple as an OS on two phones. Remember that."

But that's actually the point. Regardless whether you consider it more impressive that Apple has so much market share with only 2 phones, or what not. The desire of Android proponents is the ubiquity of Android. The fact that there are many phones that run Android OS is indeed a fact to gloat about. Compare the current mobile situation with early Microsoft vs Apple.

The reason why Windows is so widespread and the most used OS right now is due to there being many PCs that could run windows but only an Apple PC could run Mac. Thus the marketshare of computers running Windows skyrocketed leaving Mac users at the time to a niche seen as something you paid a premium for if you needed it. I have no doubt that Apple will continue to have a high market share with just their iPhone. However, since the desire is to simply have more people using Android and open-source in general, then having many manufacturers making many phones that run on Android is not just a good thing, but it is the entire point.

So yes, I will gloat. No single Android phone will outsell the iPhone, I agree. However, if Android because the most widely used smartphone OS a la Windows on the PC, then I'm happy. :)

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