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Julianne Krutka

Fabulous Ron! Truly was a wonderful event! So sorry we didn't get a chance to meet IRL!

Val Nelson

Great capture of the event in words and photos. Thank you for posting this. I couldn't agree more about the need to get out from behind our desks and go meet face to face. It's incredibly valuable and fun too!
I'm so glad you were there! Nice to see you.

Morriss Partee

Ron, I love this post, and you probably are the first to blog about PCWM2. So glad you got to experience the PodCamp spirit! Your first of many hopefully. It was a fantastic blend of newbies and veterans!


It was a great day. In addition to lots of new stuff, I find so much value in seeing how others use the very applications that I'm so comfortable with, because everybody has their own twist and tricks. I would have loved to see how @LesleyLambert uses TweetDeck. I would have loved attending @WriterJax's PR session. I would have loved @JasonTurcotte's twist on social media 101. I would have loved learning about WordPress and PodCasting... Ah, but there's only so much time...


Ron, from my perspective as Podcamp newbie and relative newcomer to social media, it seems absolutely critical that you and others with your knowledge and experience show up...

...Podcamp wouldn't be Podcamp!

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