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Morriss Partee

Christine Pilch made a great point at PodCamp WesternMass (you were sorely missed, but I understand!). She said that a person has to be ready for social media on their own timeframe. You can't force them there. You can explain things, but ultimately they have to see the value for themselves. This is ESPECIALLY true in established media, where the entire social media/networking phenomenon is rapidly destroying the gatekeeping status they've enjoyed for so long. Why would they want to embrace something that is de-throning them?

Ron Miller

I would think they would want to embrace social media because it's not dethroning them at all. It's giving them the path to remain relevant, to build an interested audience, to participate and thrive under the way publishing works today. The 20th century publishing model is dead. You can choose to move on and find strategies to survive and thrive in the (not so) new world or you can risk leaving yourself irrelevant. Sure it's a choice, but I think it's a pretty clear one.

Christine Pilch

I find it curious that many of Twitter's most vocal critics have never used the platform. In my opinion, criticizing something about which one has no knowledge just proves ignorance.

And in the meantime, they miss out on opportunities daily that others seize, so ultimately, they lose. But you can't force anybody to embrace something that they may fear, are intimidated by, or believe has no value. They have to recognize the value of social media in their own time. They will come around eventually, but at what cost to themselves in the meantime?

Ron Miller

Thanks for the great comment, Christine. And you're absolutely right. These people were basing their opinions on articles that were critical of Twitter (which were probably also written by people who hadn't used it). Until you try it, you just can't know how great it is.


I agree with Morriss that you can't "force them there", but we can absolutely help to reduce the hurdles, eliminate the ignorance, and share best practices for removing fear of failure from the equation.

Transparency and sharing define the SM generation, and are continually helping to reduce the FUD factor for the hold-outs. Each time we share our success and show the value of an SM campaign, provide instructions and best practices for setting up a SM-oriented practice, and talk about how it is being used, we help others prepare to dip their toe in the water.

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