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I only have one problem with the 150 inch flatpanel... I don't have a room big enough! ;) But regarding the set-top boxes, whether it be the Xbox, Playstation, or offering from some other company, it'll be a combo of hardware and services that will drive the standard. So far it seems Microsoft is in the lead when you look at both hardware and service (they take, cash, check, credit, or souls), and they have the largest footprint in the market with regard to NextGen consoles (though once the Wii is widely available or Sony drops its prices on the PS3, all bets are off). The Live service had a major hiccup over the holidays as over 3 million households unwrapped and connected their new mind-numbing boxes (admittedly, I don't have the 360 yet, but my tax return is but a month away), but the one upset (which was mostly corrected before NYE) won't detract from the number of people using it. My brother has the 360 and a Live subscription, and it's quite impressive. Now, if companies would *collaborate* more instead of holding their cards so close, we might be able to see a partnership between cable and satellite companies with gaming consoles to offer services that plug into the consoles. Best of both worlds. But in reality, we can't even agree on a hi-def DVD format.

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