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Your editor really mangled this article. It should say 1.5 Million Macs; not $1.5 Million. Similarly 10 Million iPods, not $10 Million.

Thanks for the note.

You're absolutely right. Thanks for the catch. I wish I could blame it on my editor, but in this instance, the editor is me. I've fixed the first paragraph and I appreciate you passing along the correction to me.


Wayne Smallman

Yeah, the enviro angle is vector for Apple.

They could come out of that kind of thing in ways their competitors just couldn't hope to.

Which sort of makes me think it's the perfect "OK guys, follow this!" for Steve Jobs to work from...

Ron Miller

Hey Wayne:
Thanks for the comment.

You're right. Jobs is in the cat bird seat with that cash. If he does right by the environment, he only endears himself further to his core audience, and as I say, with all that cash, he has lots of latitude right now.


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