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Wayne Smallman

"Find your local library's web site and take a look around."

Presumably, using Google?

I thought Google were trying to index all of this stuff?

If this is a question of promotional activities, who's responsible, and what can be done to raise the profile of these forgotten archives?

Hey Wayne:

Thanks for the note. Always good to hear from you.

These are materials not freely available on the web, what is sometimes referred to as the hidden web. If you go have a conversation with a reference librarian, I'm sure s/he will be happy to discuss the databases you can access from your library system.

If you go to my local library web site: http://www.joneslibrary.org/ref/databases.html, you'll see a list of databases I can access with my library card.

We are trained to use the web by entering a couple of words in Google and taking what we get, but librarians can teach you how to use the free web more effectively and what you can find in subscriber-only databases and search tools.


Wayne Smallman

As I often do, I browse around at night, find stuff to read and then leave it for the next day.

And just look at what I found, go to: http://www.macnewsworld.com/rsstory/56327.html

Topical, or what?


Sounds more like a job for Google, but that's a scary thought. Thanks for the link. Very interesting.


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