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tish grier

ah! the vagaries of Google!

one of my blogs doesn't come up in google search all that much because it's the second blog on a single Blogger account. Seems that Google looks at more than one blog on a Blogger account with a bit of suspicion (unless you give it its own non-blogspot url.) My first blog, however, only gets increased traffic when I post daily. Apparently, when I post daily, Google knows I'm alive.

Otherwise, I'm not existent...

Google's a whacky system to say the least. Good luck dealing with it :-)


Thanks for writing.

Yea, I've taken to trying other methods. I sent my two OS X tricks posted over the last couple of days to Mac Surfer and I got my best hits ever, over 700 yesterday, but today I'm back down to earth again. Sending links to sites that increase traffic is a great way to generate traffic in the short term, but people use search engines to find it once it grows a bit older.

If my Google traffic ever comes back, combined with my new method, I might have something here.

Thanks again for writing.


Michelle Shelton

OMG...this happened to me yesterday. I am looking for everything to see "why" they removed me. I am a real estate agent and this site has been my baby since 2004 and I have climbed the indexing. I am in the #1 or #2 position at all times and I get about 10 quality leads a day...until this week.
I don't know what I did. I am going to check out jagger and see...thanks for the post...it was helpful!
Michelle Shelton

Ron Miller

This happened to me in 2007, Michelle, so I doubt it has anything to with adjustments made to the algorithm that far back in time, but it could have something to do with more recent adjustments. Good luck.


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