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yes, i've had a lot of trouble with firefox being a memory hog! So, i've switched browsers for now untill they fix this issue! Although I still have to use firefox for all my development! But NOT for normal browsing.. I can't afford to give it that much memory / resources.


I can understand that, but I wouldn't give up on Firfeox just yet. You might try adding a bit of RAM. I just added a Gig to the 512MB I already had, and I found it settled a lot of problems on my computer.

Thanks for the comment.


Yes, I've had a lot of issues with Firefox and my memory. Anytime I have more than one tab open, my memory usage jumps to over 100,000k.

Yes, it seems to be something to do with caching. If you can afford around $100 to kick up your memory another gigabyte, I found that helped a great deal. Otherwise, you just have to monitor it carefully.

Thanks for commenting.



I have noticed this Firefox problem on my home system as well as my work system. As far as I can tell, it seems to hit a low point when I've got several windows and/or tabs open along with several other applications, then all of a sudden my system slows to a near-halt and I know its begun. So I start closing apps and Firefox windows/tabs, but it doesn't end -- a moment ago I closed all but four windows and Firefox is hovering quite erratically around 212 MB.

Five minutes have now passed since I closed another window, bringing me down to 3 -- and Firefox is steadily climbing again, now up to 240 MB. It is hovering there for the time being.

Incidentally, I've already followed the advice of several other articles which suggested a few configuration changes to the browser -- specifically, I set browser.cache.memory.capacity to 16384 (16 MB) and browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer to 0. Neither has made any difference.

For some reason no one out there seems to care about or even admit Firefox's tendency to devour resources. Search Google for "firefox memory leak" and you'll find countless complaints, but most authoritative sources end up claiming that its all "by design" and that there's nothing really wrong with Firefox.

My poor, halting PCs beg to differ.


I forgot to tell you the ending. I closed all but one window, with no extra tabs -- the URL being the Google/Firefox Start Page (I'm typing this in IE 7, btw).

Mem Usage for Firefox was still at 241 MB. So I cleared all my private data, to see if it would make a difference -- it did, mem usage dropped over 40MB, down to 197 MB. A single Firefox window, with a clear cache, and Firefox is patiently sitting at 197,680 K.

I think I'm going to uninstall Firefox from my home machine.


I have this same problem except with IE, it gets to the point when i run out of ram and page file and programs stop opening, just from one browser window...But only if i don't reboot for a couple of days, whats worse is that after i close the browser the memory stays allocated to iexplore.exe in the process list and i have to manually shut it down, it sounds like your firefox problems are very similar which leads me to think maybe it is a problem with windows rather than the browser.


I also noticed a slow down using Firefox. I only had on tab open and it consuming over 300mb. This is definitively something Mozilla needs to address! Is it primarily from the cache or what... Trying to run a fast pace business with my computer and troubleshooting why my browser is slowing everything down is frustrating. I like Firefox but now I need to rethink my situation....


Firefox ran just fine for me unil a couple of days ago, I decided to try out paint.net and ended up having to install the entire .net framework on my computer...long story short, I didn't like it, I uninstalled it and firefox has been taking up 90+mb with one tab open.

I have no idea how to fix it.


it also has MAJOR CACHE issue.
Opera is the best.
1.) Makes multiple connection for faster loading and makes use of cache.
FIREFOX just opens things again and again no use of cache at all even when you click the back button ooo Terrible loads most things from Start offff
2.) Sharper and brighter! whenever i am coding a site when i open it in opera its sharp and in ff its a bit blurred.
3.) Opera is the Fastest browser on earth i can bet on it. others just say they are faster but they are NOT.

Tyler Straus

I concur... after upgrading to FF ver 3.6.6 on two PC's, I actually initially thought I had a worm-like type of activity.

I ran antivirus and anti-spy/mal-ware and rootkit checking software from various manufacturers to be sure.

I consistently saw anywhere from 100,000K - 500,000K of mem usage even with add-ons disabled.

I could watch the memory usage climb when FF was open to a blank page and the network is disabled leading me to think some sort of memory leak...

Thanks for your confirmation, links and blog on this. All the best!


recent months I noticed the already working features have more and more problems. The development slipped on banana peel, improving icons and color scheme. The cookie blocking stopped working. The whole thing is steadily flipping to MS-type of software shit.

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