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Angie C

Me again. After reading more and more about the nv4_disp problem, I decided to try to update the BIOS. Dell update gave me A07, and I was running A04. Then I installed the latest Nvidia version 91.47. This resulted, on reboot, with a screen that came up and said:
1: Analog Input
Cannot Display This Video Mode

So I installed the driver that Dell says I should, which is back to 2004 some time. File is R75461.EXE. On installation, this causes the screen to go black for a second every 6 or 7 seconds - extremely consistent. On reboot, I get the BSoD.

Am I making progress, do you think? I saw somewhere about a patch which closes RX55 modules in the BIOS, but it is only to be used if you have VIA chip set. Well, I don't have a clue what chip set I have!

Angie C

I have now emailed both Nvidia and Dell about this problem. Dell have replied, but they suggest a PC Restore, which is basically wipe out everything and start over. I have replied that they must be joking! I can't believe that is their FIRST rather than LAST possible solution. I guess it makes for an easy life for their support people. Argh!!!!


As we've discussed, this could be related to the latest Windows XP patch. I'm having trouble with my sound card now and I've been getting a new BSOD called IRQL_Not_Less_or_Equal. I'll post anew when I find the issue with this one. My Creative sound card has stopped working since this last patch and several web sites don't display or open. I'm hoping these issues will be resolved with the next patch. RM

Angie C

I paid my £34 to talk to someone at Dell who does not suggest I wipe the whole system. When you figure the amount of time spent so far, it's not a bad deal.

Anyway, I handed control over to him remotely and he tried to install the Dell driver. It didn't work. Fiddled around trying to install it in different ways. Still didn't work. Why don't software people ever believe me when I say I've already done something?

Anyway, got transferred to hardware department, but I didn't have time then to open the system up so he told me what to do to reseat the vidio card. I did that today, and reinstalled the driver, but no improvement.

Hardware guy from Dell going to call back on Monday to see how it went. I think they may replace the card - seems I still have some sort of warranty left.

Angie C

Well, they did replace the card, but not before saying the only option was to reinstall Windows!!! I refused and then they agreed to send the card, but to receive the new card, I have to hand back the old card. Sometime between 9:00 and 5:00. So I said the courier will have to wait while I shut down, replace card, and make sure I still have a display. Luckily, the courier did wait.

Then I enabled the device, re-installed latest NVidia driver and all works fine. It worked fine with old Windows driver also, so in my case, the card had gone faulty.

I am really stunned by the suggestion by two Dell support people though to reinstall Windows. There must be loads of people who have no choice but to do this.

Thanks again for the web site. At least I can say I have learned a lot through this experience and I am no longer afraid to open up the system and replace cards!

Angie C

Oh, I forgot to say, the reason they said reinstalling Windows was the only option is because they walked me through two video tests that came up as "passed". This "proved" that there was nothing wrong with the card itself.


Well, that was quite an ordeal, but I'm glad you stuck to your guns and got it cleared up once and for all. Thanks also for continuing to update the blog with your story. I'm sure others will benefit from your experience and think twice before reinstalling Windows! RM


Ok, here is my problem, I have the BSOD so I did the Memory Write Queue Timer thing, but now I need to turn on the MWQT, but I dont know how :S anyone can help me out??

Mike S.

Thanks! Great post! I have a Dell same thing nVidia gfx, problem solved!!!

Glad it helped.


John Z.

Same problem, video card capacitors were baked. Replaced w/ATI. Seems OK now.


I have the same problem,but my English is poor ,I will try for it!


Well, I hope it works for you.

Good luck,


i have found the ultimate guide (simply written) for these problems.

the short answer is that it basically describes almost any software of hardware video card fault.

(click the boxes at the end of the page to move forward/back pages)


Thanks for adding the link.


Thank you. THANK YOU!
Uninstalled the display driver, downloaded and executed the NVIDIA driver. Then hit the "install new hardware" and it all started working again.


same here, had prob with FSX

tom joentvedt

i.ve been having the same problem, thanks for your help, a lot better then dell support


I spent hours on the phone with Dell after getting the blue screen death message and they never mentioned this? I can boot in safe mode, but can't then access the internet and the minute I touch my keyboard it freezes. I have been able to access files, but cannot save to a cd, or memory stick. So how exactly do I load this driver? I do not have access to the computer right now, but will it run and install the program in safe mode? I also was nto sure which version to download, I followe dthe instructions on the Dell site, but I they did not seem to coincide with the choices. I am running Windows XP Profesisonal. Thanks for any assistance.


Had the same problem after i formated and installed Windows XP . After updating to service pack 2 and installing the drivers for my Geforce 6800LE I started getting the error each time I entered Security Center and Account Management in Control console.
I installed the latest drivers over and over again and still I continued getting the error.

So what I did was uninstall the Nvidia drivers and restart my computer. Entering Windows again the pop up for a new hardware found came up. I selected it and found the drivers from the Nvidia setup folder instead
of installing it directly using the setup icon from the Nvidia Folder.

This seems to work for me.


I did the same as Michelle above. I logged into the system using safe mode and uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers. I then logged into Windows normally and let XP get the best driver for it. Since this is a work computer I don't really care how it works for games.


I had the same Dell 8300 / nVidia card problem. Two capacitors -- one leaking (very bad) the other bulging. I doubt this is limited to Dell. It's worth the time for anyone with this problem to pull the card and do a good physical inspection. Bulging, leaking, burned components spell "trash can".

I had a slightly different quick fix that stopped the BSOD and kept me running until I can install a new adapter card. From VIAs page here:


I was able to disable the nVidia driver help services without completely disbling the device as Daniel did. Try this:

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
Locate the Nvidia driver services -- It may be called "help services" or "Display Driver services", or something similar.
DISABLE the service.

So far I'm running 100% -- but not pushing the card too hard.

Thankx to Dennis, Ismail and Daniel for the heads up on the bad card. Never would have looked there first.

Thanks for adding your experience and the work-arounds you found. This has become a really great resource for folks who encounter this problem. I think some of the problems are related to bad hardware as yours was, but this is certainly not always the case, and wasn't with the problem that prompted to write my original post.

Thanks again for your detailed comment.



Like a few others, I have a Dell 8300 with an nVidia FX5200, nearly 3 years old. The monitor started flashing on and off and I got the blue screen with nav4_disp error. The problem was four burst capacitors on the video card. They actually explode with a loud pop, and leak some kind of gunk. I heard these noises from 'somewhere' inside the tower over a period of several weeks and assumed they were some kind of static discharge or whatever, and hoped it would 'go away'. When the monitor problem turned up I found out what the noises had been! Dell phone support was very good and replaced the card within 24 hours.

Tim Cunningham

I have same problems as all these posts. The PC is a Medion with nVidia 5200 graphics card. About a year ago I had this problem of BSod's when running FS2004 (and a whole host of other add-ons) I sent it to two computer shops in January 2006. After changing mother board and formatting HD the first shop gave me it back but the BSod's continued and the other shop formatted again and it worked until about August time!
After reading these posts there are two new possiblities. First, inspect the card for faulty capacitors. Second, wipe off all Win XP updates.
The First seems feasible because I get the screen when using graphically intense program after about 20 mins. But then again those updates could be suspect too!

What do you think?

Regards Tim

I would recommend swapping out the card.

I don't recommend removing the XP updates. Many of these are related to security vulnerabilities and you don't want to expose your machine to Windows security breaches.

Good luck.


Tim Cunningham

Thankyou for quick reply! Your the second person to recommend this. I have half checked Nvidia card (its upside down) and I can't see anything noticably wrong,although I'm no expert. The previously mentioned PC shops said it was NOT the card at fault...but they are known to be wrong! Its really bugging me now. If the card were at fault, the game would crash straight away wouldn't it?

Regards Tim

When you are having any kind of issue like this, it's always a good plan to try to see if you can replicate the problem with another part. If you replace the card and the blue screens go away, you know the old card was the problem. If they persist, you may have an issue with that machine, and given all the trouble you've had, you may want to consider replacing it. But try the card first, it's a heck of a lot cheaper.

Good luck,

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