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Hey, just spotted this, after attempting to use my pc for gaming.

Over 3 different NVidia cards, all progressively better, and multiple different drivers for them all, I still seem to get that darned n4_disp.dll problem.

I really have no clue whats causing it, as it has plagued me across '98, XP home and XP Pro!

Thanks for the comment. Sure seems like NVidia drivers have been an issue for a long time. You would think after all this time, they would get it fixed, and if they haven't you wonder by the PC manufacturers continue to be so loyal to them.


i had BSOD problem and a re-install of win XP fixed it for 5 months now.

Thanks for the comment. Reinstalling Windows is a pretty radical fix for most folks. I would suggest trying some of the other options first, but if solved the issue for you, that's great.

David Miller

i also have this problem. I'm going to get rid of the nvidia drivers and go to omega and see what happens. however, i thought i should add that if your removing video drivers (actually chipset as well) you should get driver cleaner. It removes registry entry's and files that the uninstaller won't delete and there are some. I hope that will help with those removing drivers.

P.S. took me about three weeks to figure out why i was having conflicts between 6 series drivers and 7 series drivers (my card needs 6 series to run the best) found out there were legacy registry entries that were bugging everyone.

For what it's worth mine started after a PSU upgrade.
Hi David:
Thanks for the detailed comment. I hope this change resolves the issue for you. For me, it was as simple as updating the driver as I outlined here, but this is obviously a huge issue for people and if you are getting constant blue screens, it may be worth your while to take this step. One recent comment suggested a complete Win XP install, something you might want to try, if you haven't. For that person, the install resolved the issue. RM


I just ran into this problem last night, and I'm amazed at how often this problem seems to occur. My question is - does anyone have a direct link to the Dell website that has the driver to download that will hopefully fix this problem? I can't seem to find it.

Hi Todd:
It really depends on which card you have. Go the the Dell site, then click the Support tab so you are in the Dell Support site. Enter the name and model number of your Nvidia card followed by the word driver. I found that they display new cards first, but if you look along the left side of the screen, you will see a link to Drivers. Good luck. RM


I've been working on a Dell Dimension 5300 with a nVidia 5200 card. I've installed Omega drivers, Dell Drivers and nVidia drivers..nothing worked. Every boot was a BSOD. I saw a posting here about the capacitors on the card going bad. I checked and sure enough...2 of them are buldging and bad. Make sure you check the card if none of the drivers seem to work! Thanks

daniel w

Windows is at fault for this problem. They tell you to install this form their update website and it crashes your computer. Just boot into safe mode roll back to your old driver.

Ismail Alkan

I started having this problem last night. Tried every possible fix that I could find. Still having the dreaded BSOD at reboot. In the meantime, I ordered my new ATI card just in case. I don't think that I'll ever buy anything from NVidia any more.

Thanks for the comment. Can hardly blame you. This problem is persistent and long-lasting, but take a look at the comments here. There are a lot different solutions offered. You may want to consider the dreaded XP reinstall. It seems to have worked for some folks.

Good luck.


Ismail Alkan

I have some more news now. Last night, I inspected my video card and sure enough two of the capacitors were overheated and swollen just like Tom explained in an earlier post. Same machine (Dell 8300) and same card (NVidia GeForce 5200). I can't believe they seated those two capacitors right at the edge of the heat sink. I'm glad I made the move the night before and ordered another card. My ATI card will be arriving today. Like I said before, no more NVidia for me.

I'm glad you were able to find a solution from among the comments. I hope that resolves the issue for you and you are blue-screen free.



i have just buy a nvidia 7950 gx2 and from the first time....i take blue screens....i was thinking that was error of the card....know i must wait for new drivers....i have 91.31 but i have....BSD....SO WAIT....any ideas...?

Ron Miller

Sometimes the drivers are updated, even after the product is shipped. I would recommend checking the NVidia site and seeing if you can get an updated driver.



Thanks for the tip on looking at the card. After numerous driver reloads I checked the card. Sure enough the two capacitors near the heat sink have bubbled tops with some brown stuff around the edges. My new card is ordered.


Thanks for the info... Tried the drivers but it wouldn't work... Finally checked the card and that was it... Same two caps were swollen (by the heat sink)... Down to onboard video for now...

Wow, that's two bad board posts in a row. Makes me wonder if something is cooking (literally) with the NVidia boards you are using.



I have 2 HD both installed with XP but only one I use regularly and go online with. So only one HD has all the Windows MS updates. After running into this nv4_disp BSoD, I tried same game on un-updated HD and no problems.
This is not an nVidia problem, it is a MS update issue and as usual they blame everyone else for their mistakes.

bronson harrington

HI there,

Yes, I have also just had the same issue with a card that has been running perfectly for over a year now.

Only thing is that as soon as i boot and load something it happens... so i am going to try th driver updates and see if it sorts me out.

Helpful post, thanks.

bronson harrington

yes, i also read about it being a windows issue - some file failing to respond in time and POOF -- BSoD city


Hey i got gefoce FX 5200 and i got no blue screen and other problems my driver version is.
56.73 and i got no problems guys try to download this driver.
Good Luck.


Um i did this and now my comp is really wierd its in 800x600 like you said but the color is off and everything on my screen looks really wierd. I dont know if this was supposed to happen or how to fix it cause it seems that i no longer have Direct x 9.0c or anything and i cant raise my resolution. Plz help


Bloody brilliant. I've reinstalled XP so many times on this computer with no fuss, but this one time I ended up with your fiasco. You google as the #1 site for "NV4_disp" for a good reason. Thanks!

David C

Non-Gamers solution: Disable NVIDIA

Reading other posts I felt my problem was most likely do to a problem w/ the capacitors (DELL 8300 w/ NIVIDIA FX5200 card)

Since I don't use for games I went thru Control Panel and Disabled the adapter. After I disabled it and restarted my PC it came up directly in graphic mode. So far, this has worked. I can view jpegs fine.

Control Panel
\Hardware Manager
\Display adapters

Thanks to Dennis (04/19/2006) for identifying the issue w/ the capacitors on the card.

David C

Angie C

Thanks to Ron and all those who have posted here. I have the same model Dell and Nvidia card as the last poster David C. Installing latest driver has not worked for me, so like David C, I disabled the Nvidia device. This was fine for a couple days, but now web pages display all wobbly and it's driving me crazy. Is there another setting I can try to make the graphic display more acceptable?
Angie C

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