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Lenard Riedman

My laptop was repaired by a computer technician about a week ago, since I thought I can't use it anymore. According to him the driver of my laptop broke down and needs to be replaced right away. After it was fixed, it was only later on that I had come to realize that I can even update the driver of my laptop even on my own.

Ziggy Oh

hey, just wanted to let you know that your post is still solving issues,.. I had a BSOD on my old xp machine, (hadn't had one on it for years). Your solution seems to have solved it, so a thank you is due,..


This is also my problem with my computer.


I currently keep getting this. ONLY when firefox is open. I have 1GB ram which most of it is used even when nothing it running. then it only have .5GB free when nothing running most of time..

I get the same BSOD..
And its when i zoom in on images (This causes it all the time) in firefox it BSOD's with that same message....
But it also occurs randomly. On any site with lots of images. or just a really large image... At first i thought it could be that buffer overflow thing i discovered in the past where you set the size of image to like 999999 and such but these are trusted sites i go to all the time they dont have that... but... still for some reason its crashing!


Ok; since 2006 huh? Well me too, everything fits NVIDIA 7900GS, Win XP, Dell Dimension 9150 (Desktop), BSOD for 2 -3 years now and started for no apparent reason! So does ANYONE have a cure? (preferably dot point form) or do I simply just get a new video driver (not NVIDIA); will that work? Or are we all still guessing and is NVIDIA just waiting for us all to slowly die and leave them alone?

Anthony A

Hi There, I'm a PC Technician withh my own small business, so I'm used to see driver issues like this, but this is the first time I've seen this on a Dell (I have a Dell Inspiron 1535 and never had the issue, but I am working on a client's Dell XPS M1210). I found this article as one of the top results on Google and it worked perfectly first time! So, I'd like to say thank you very much for sharing this with the world :)

I'm suprised that this issue has hit so many people like you said. Its a shame that Dell have issues with their drivers to be honest!


For those who have this problem:

This is what seemed to work for me,

I started in safe mode, installed Perfect uninstaller. Deleted all Nvidia installs. And with the search option searched for the NV4_disp.dll file. Turned out to have 4 of these files in different registries. Forced uninstallation with perfect uninstaller.

Restarded in normal mode, then did a clean install of the last Nvidia update.

worked for me.

computer technical help

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is commonly caused by incompatible device driver and the device itself or the hardware is not adaptable to a new software driver. But it can be fixed of course.

Tony Ferrelli

Ha! Sometimes all it takes is a short, sharp, well written blog to point out the most simple and obvious solution is the best one!


well here we are in 2011 and still having issues with bsod and nv4_disp.dll

new drivers being dowloaded as we speak and hopefully will fix the issues (bsod with any attempt to play or optimise Rise of Nations)


Thanks for this blog! I have exactly the same problem and I hope installing a new driver will do the trick!


Yup, I still have this when I play games in 3D... my graphics card, albeit an old one, is well over the minimum spec for the game I'm playing (Oblivion, and it's a Geforce 6200 with 256mb of ram which I'm using until I can replace the fan on my usual card), I've tried cleaning the drivers and reinstalling as described above to no avail, reinstalled/updated just about all of my drivers, so I'm at a loss really..!

Francisco Gonzalez-Soldevilla

Well, it's January 2012 and the problem persists.

Let me preamble my comment with the clarification that I am a Microsoft admirer and remain conviced that Bill Gates deserves to have his image carved on Mt. Rushmore. However, I've been having trouble with nv4_disp now for weeks. I had a very patient Microsoft Solutions tech working remotely with my four-year old Dell laptop D630, until now extremely reliable as a work tool, for a total of 24 hours--six to eight hours at a time and all for the initial $99--a real bargain, but a disheartening effort nonetheless, since even after expert help of this magnitude the crippling error stubbornly remains alive and dressed in blue at the most inopportune of moments.

Initially, after countless starts and stops, the problem seemed resolved for a couple of days. Alas, it isn't. I still continue to remove drivers and download drivers on safe mode and regular startups, yet nothing has worked thus far.

If Nvidia seems to be the culprit, why hasn't the manufacturer resolved the issue after all these years or why hasn't another video card from a different company replaced the card on PCs?

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much for posting this info. I got on my laptop as normal recently and I actually got a green screen of death that blinked on and off, so it took me a bit to see what the problem file was. The screen was also all messed up. Ever seen an old NES game when it doesn't start perfectly and there are dots all over the title screen that should be be there? That's what my Windows XP and Dell screens looked like.

My lappy is seven years old and a Dell, so I thought it had finally shit the bed. Geek Squad had no idea what was going on - they said it was viral. I had someone check out the problem file online for me and found that it's a common issue. I can't believe all this nonsense happens because my video card driver needs an update.

The only downside is my internet does not like big files - currently its record is going 7.5 MB without quitting the download and the drivers I need seem to be anywhere from 20 to 200 MB. So I won't be getting them anytime soon.


Thanks a bunch !


The BSOD nv4_disp.dll bit me a few weeks ago. Still haven't resolved it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled "the latest drivers" so many times, I'm sick of it. I have a 4 year old no-name computer with a NVidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache (but I don't play games). Yes, I've gone through all the recommended steps ... booting in Safe mode, using DriverSweeper to totally clean up all remnants of NVidia stuff each time I reinstalled. Still no joy. Last night, I got fed up with it enough and I finally just left the generic VGA driver in place instead of letting it install a new NVidia driver. To my surprise, I could change the resolution to 1024 x 768, so I'm happy. It's good enough for my purposes (Refresh rate can't be changed, which sucks ... but I may just stick an LCD monitor on there and not have to worry about it).

I was browsing through some of these comments (can't read 'em all ... you're a popular blog!) and just read the one about simply disabling the NVidia display adapter from the Device Manager. I don't know if that's any better than what I did, but I might give it a try. I suspect that once my machine gets rebooted, it's going to want to try and get drivers for the "new hardware" it detects (no problem, I just cancel out of that, but it makes the bootup take awhile), but I wonder if installing the NVidia driver and then disabling it will prevent that from occurring. For now, I'm just going to leave it as is. I'm tired of messing it with it.

Still, it all makes me wonder *why* it suddenly just decides to die ... after 4 years of working just fine. I haven't done a damn thing to this computer other than install Microsoft security updates ... I can't believe that one of them caused the problem, but who the hell knows?!?!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! My nine-year old computer is back in action, thanks to your post.


Thanks, installed Win 7 twice and got this bsod message, i finally found some info here http://nv4dispdll.org/


I was getting occassional nv4_disp bluescreens and frequent semi-hangs and display glitches. This was with an early Nvidia GEForce. I fixed it by replacing the GeForce with a Radeon card. Thats the right way to fix this problem in my view.


I see these are all old posts. I tried to find the link in Dell Support, but they don't even have a return search for NV4!!!!
Any other suggestions?

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