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After blue screen, I thought I'd google nv4_disp before taking computer for repair. Dell driver solved my problem. Thanks for saving me time and money.


Windows XP : a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to protect your computerHello,

I am using Windows XP Professional.
Recently I'm facing problem with booting my computer.
It shows error message like below:
a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to protect your computer
some messages

Technical information:
STOP: 0*00000007B (...........some coded numbers..............)

1. I'm not able to boot the computer into safe mode

2. Yes, Unfortunately I get the same error message while trying to do a fresh installation

3. I have recently installed a game software and Webex application & antimalwarebytes software
on my machine prior to the issue

As I'm not able to boot windows in safe mode, can not uninstall new installed applications.

Also I have tried for system recovery while new installation using F2 key it is asking for some

windows boot disk (floppy disk) & my configuration does not have FDD

I have tried following things to fix the issue but no success :(

Tried to start in safe mode
Tried for last known good configuration
Tried to boot with Windows XP CD for fresh installation
Checked BIOS settings (boot order)

what should now be done to care of this ?
What had caused this and importantly what is the fix to get out of this ?
Please Help, Thanks in advance.....

Ron Miller

I recommend calling your computer manufacturer's technical support or taking it to a trained professional repair.

E Tiffany

THIS TIME I studied the error report MAN, I remember the old days when things were simpler and the BSD was just blue, no text, nothing, and so I noted the .DDL culprit. So after getting back online came here with Google. I will get the upgrade. I never much enjoyed seeing that bright blue screen.

omega vrt

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