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Well that sure helped solve my problem. I thought it was my overclocking issues. Seems to me like NVidia can't make decent enough drivers, considering its a brand new motherboard, new video card, and updated drivers off the website. Omega Drivers from www.omegadrivers.net worked perfectly; I should have kept those.


When I Googled this I found many refrences to this problem. I found forums with posts from '01 with this very problem in them. But I was unable to find a solution that worked.

Many of you may be expierencing this problem and have found that updated drivers do not work.

A little over a month ago I created a forum dedicated to fixing this problem. Since than we have learned much about the issue & some have come up with fixes.

Jedakiah - http://s13.invisionfree.com/nv4_disp


Did the trick for me. Got the blue screen after ending an old game, which I installed for my son (Dracula) using compatibility mode. Checked the date of my nv4_disp.dll, which appeared to be from September 2001. After some unnerving moments, because I had to uninstall my present drivers, and also had to activate XP again with Microsoft, I finally had my system back to normal functioning. And indeed, the vintage game now did end properly. Problem solved. Thanks.


OMG this was suggested a million times but alas has not worked with me!!!

please not now when i want to play!


Hey, I've been having similar problems here and there. It happens if I minimize a game or something and try to come back. However, it only does it here and there and only for certain games...


I found a solution that worked for over 4 days so far without a BSD (blue screen of death) after getting up to 2/day after few driver updates.
Problem: Dell stopped providing updates for my inspiron 5150 laptop nvidia card, and nvidia updates won't install because they don't support OEMs like Dell. Solution? I merged the latest nvidia update I downloaded (78.01) with the latest update from dell (overwriting all files in the dell version except for the setup.* files, mode.txt)... First time after setup I got long delays (could be due to other updates or vpn software as well) and had to force a hard shutdown after several minutes. It reboots flawlessly since then. 4 days without BSD, touch wood...

RM: That's a very creative solution. Thanks for including it. I hope your good luck continues.


I've been getting these nv4_disp.dll blue screen of death and the error page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. Had the latest nVidia drivers, and the 7800GTX, I guess I'll have to try an update and see if it helps.

nVidia drivers are very flakey and certain versions are way better than others. check the forums


By the way nvidia.com forums say that this is a problem with Athlon 64 X2, the nVidia 7800GTX, so downloading the 82.65 or later drivers should help. It is because of dual core optimizations apparently see http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=9695&st=40


NVidia cards are great for games, imo, but the drivers for them are not the best... I can play HL2 using the driver included on the card, (Not installing anything from the CD or anything) but when I try to play games that involve emulation they bluescreen. All I can hope is apple releases OSx86 for all windows computers soon, and rid us of these stupid blue screens of death.


Thx buddy, but I'm not able to Solve my Problem. I have latest driver of Nvidia 81.98, but still I'm getting that Blue screen error. I thought it was due to Revatuner Overcloacking, but I uninstalled it but that Blue screen error is again appearing. HELP me > [email protected] (Mumbai, India)


I receive this error whenever I quit Battlefield 2. The has a menagerie of graphical glitches and errors even while playing it.

I, like you put nv4_disp.dll into google and searched.

I'll try the driver update and hope it fixes things.


Our Dell system with the NVidea card has been online for more than a year. This weekend it stopped working with a BSOD and would only come up in Safe Mode. Removing the old drivers and installing the new (both in Safe Mode) fixed our problem. Thanks for posting this!


thanks, installed xp twice and got this message had a spare video card inserted this and all seemed ok


I have a Dell Dimension 8300 w/ nvidia fx5200 card . I found out that the reason I was getting the nv4_disp.dll error was that two capacitors were overheated and swollen, so check your cards that might be the problem . Good Luck

Thanks for passing that along. It's a great idea if the software fix doesn't work to check out the hardware and make sure the video card is seated correctly and that there are no visible issues on the card itself. Thanks again. RM


Thank-you thank-you, that blue screen of death struck twice. I decided to actually read the annoying white writing and google the error file and found your posting. A big thank-you. I dont know what the big wigs at Microsoft get paid the big dollars for, they offer no help whatsoever.

You're very welcome, Jessica. Glad I could help.


Just got this problem after Windows Update installed some "fixes"--I don't know that I would blame Nvidia for that.

Will attempt to update the driver...
Hi Chuck:
Thanks for the comment. I agree. Drivers go out of date all the time. I wouldn't blame NVIDIA either. I just wish Windows provided a clearer message and a more straightforward means of resolving the issue than they currently do with blue screen errors.

Thanks again for your comment and I hope the update works.


Hi, thanks for your solution ;-) Hope it helps me tomorrow when I'm gonna solve this hehe.


I hope so too. Check the comments here if you run into other problems. Some folks have offered very creative alternatives. Good luck.



Updating drivers has not helped me. The problem is just as bad after using various Forceware Drivers, including the "official" ones from Nvidia's website. This is not a fix by a long shot.

Sounds like you could have other issues besides just the driver. Have you tried reading through the other comments here. There are some interesting ideas if that didn't work.

Good luck,


Yes I have read the suggestions and even visited http://s13.invisionfree.com/nv4_disp , none of the other comments apply to my problem. I don't have a faulty video card. Don't tell me 1000's of people all reporting this problem have faulty Nvidia cards !! I believe there is serious bug or design fault with the Nvidia drivers that can't be solved by us mere mortals. Only the Nvidia engineers can fix this problem.

I agree. This problem is huge. Months after I wrote my initial entry, I continue to find this entry is by far my most popular. I wish I could help you further, but fortunately, downloading the driver worked for me, and I don't have any other tricks up my sleeve.



The funny thing is with this BSOD, I never got it when I had my old monitor at 17 inch Mitsubishi DV172B.. I have recently upgraded to a Samsung 20 inch Syncmaster 204B , the problems started.. I was using the new DVI cable that came with the Samsung instead of the "old" DVI cable that was being used with the DV172B..

Could there be a link? I have swapped the DVI Cable around, now using the "old" cable... I will report back my findings or any changes

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