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Charles W. "Butchie" Olmstead

Attn: Ron Miller- or whom it may concern: Mine was among the 10 autobiographical submissions to the 1970 Rolling Stone "Experiment in Participitory Journalism" which were selected from the entries. In 1977 Rolling Stone Magazine presented a 10th Anniversary TV Special via CBS in November of that year- in which my 1970 autobio about my service, and moreso my return from Vietnam was portrayed in monolog by Martin Sheen, with intro by Sissy Spacek. I was flown to L.A. for 3 days where I worked with Sheen in re-writing my Vietnam war autobio for monolog-TV format. To my own chagrin I am unable to recall the title of my story and have never been able to locate a copy or back-issue ( 1970 ) of the Rolling Stone Magazine that contained my Vietnam story. If anyone might know how I might locate that copy or back-issue it would surely be appreciated! If any help- a photo of myself ( in wheelchair ) and playing flute with a band I was in at the time was actually the cover of that "participitory journalism" issue. One remarkable ( if not now humorously predictable )memory attached was that one of the other 9 autobio's chosen along with my own had to do with a then timely and emblematic "hippie" commune wherein its collective members enjoyed warm bowls of the stewed placenta which accompanied the birth of a most recent communal love-child. Ahhh ( shudder ) those summers of love!

Paul in (NYC)

Rolling Stone is going to be bringing back those "summer days" with a Las Vegas Hotel & Casino!

Word is in Vegas - It looks like its going to open in 2010...I think just across from City Center?


Hi Charles,
I ran across your posting today at work. I'm working in new media and was recently at a yard sale in Ohio where I bought a copy of the Rolling Stone issue with participatory journalism featuring your story. I'd be happy to scan it and send it your way if you'd like.

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