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I have a problem with my system. According to my friend, the bios are messed up for Boot. I dont how to fix it either. None of the cds work, the computer wont get passed the error message: Could not start windows because of an error. Please report this problem as:

Load needed DLLs for Kernel.

I change it to boot from the CD:

Disk Boot Failure.

Any idea on how to fix this?

fahad liaqat

hey im fahd.well sumbody plz tell me the solution.the problem which im having is that when windows Xp starts it shows desktop but it don't work further.i mean it just get hung up when im viewing desktop it doesn't go to MY COMPUTER.n it doesn't show me the KIND of ERROR.plz help me this out.reply me on my email kindly.


Hi Fahad:
Try pressing F8 at startup and choose Safe Mode. See if you can shut down normally from Safe Mode. Then try restarting and see if that resolves your problem. RM


"Load needed DLLs for Kernel"

One of the ways to fix this problem is to run windows xp repair.
Here is a link with step by step.

Ron Miller

That's a good idea, but before resorting to this, I would recommend simply trying my solution first. If that doesn't work, this could do the trick, so long as you are comfortable performing technical operations such as the one described in this link.

Thanks again for your comment.



My computer is hanging at startup, unable to start in safe mode. (F8)Or any other mode. It just hangs. Any suggestions for forcing safemode? I tried recocery console with no improvements. Thanks for any help.


i cannot start up my computer, either in safe mode or any other mode. i keep getting the blue screen of death with an error message saying there a problem with the "MOUNTABLE BOOT DISK" and an error code 0x000000ed (0x82388c08, 0xc000009c, 0x00000000, 0x00000000). but every where i look i cant find out what this code means. i have the drive partitioned with windows xp pro on both sides yet i can boot up e: but not d:. please help me.

Md. mohshin

My Windows XP does not startup usually often. When I restart it, it shows "Sorry windows could not startup; Options shows: Start windows normally or Last known best configuration...... please help....

otis cooper

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beat most windows problems.
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Try and do a check disk. You proablly have a currupt file system table


i need the windows xp tricks to solve the problems


Hai fahad,
1)Open your system in dosprompt
2)Every system works in dospromt.. If you are using 98 then format ur system using bootup floppy. This is the best and killer method to format any os.
3) Or else type this command format c:\
i hope this method works your system


computer repair

blue screen of death is always a big problem on windows machines, the quickest way out of your problem: use a third party utility backup disk to backup your data, and then use windows boot disk to re-load your operating system and start from fresh.


Maybe I should check my free space on my boot disk next time I encounter a boot-up problem. I agree that Windows should be smart enough to at least warn you to free up some space before the issue becomes a show stopper.


when i boot my computer. the blank screen coming on after windows xp boot logo screen .
did not show welcome screen . i mean windows doesnot boot. only show a blank screen with cursor . please help solve my problem

Computer Help Baton Rouge

That sounds like a great Windows trick, not a stupid one. Thanks for the post.

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