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Melissa Hourigan

Look nice, I may want to talk to your designer as I am looking to revamp mine as well.

Lisa Johnson

Great design I truly love it. May it make you even more successful!

Julie Roads

It's gorgeous!!! Nice tagline...love that especially. Congrats on your new home!!!!

David Bressler

Like it. Nice and clean. Perhaps you can make the column fonts smaller than the post fonts, so the posts stand out a little more?

And, I clicked through to see ronsmiller.com for comparison. You should have a warning or something before clicking not to look directly at that site! This is a big improvement. :-)


David Meerman Scott

Ron, it is "YOU" - very well done. Congrats.

Christine Pilch

Tres chic!

doug eymer

Ron: It was great working with you and thank you for passing my name along. I think that TypePad has demonstrated that, although it is not the perfect "designer's platform" in terms of design flexibility -- it has a great deal to offer.

We are also in an age where individuals are realizing the importance of maintaining a strong visual brand.

Thank you for allowing me to help out.

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