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I had the same issue, and found I could not successfully create the GUID partition on the external disk using the Leopard install disk's Disk Utility - kept getting a "resource busy" error message. However, quitting the installer and rebooting from my internal HD (Tiger), I was then able to use the Disk Utility contained there to create the GUID partition without problem. By the way, I'm doing this install on a 200GB Seagate SATA I intend use to replace my now "too small" 100GB internal - using the "Ultra USB 2.0 to SATA Cable Adaptor" and power supply to temporarily make this "internal" SATA drive function as a USB external for the Leopard install - a neat tool to keep on hand! What did we do in the "old days" when we could not instantly Google our way out of system problems on a Saturday evening?


So how would one, after realizing the benefits of Leopard, install it over the Tiger OS on the hard drive?


Response to Blake:
Just install it normally over Tiger. You don't have to do any formatting.

I had this same problem, but I already had Leopard on my MacBook. I just want a backup system to boot up to in case my system ever crashes.


I wanted to ask, once you have your OSX on the external HD, can you make it boot on a windows based machine?



Is there a way to install Mac OS and Windows on an external hard drive?


I'm running a G4 (10.4.11) 867Mhz 1.5GB of ram and I'm not able to select the external HD that I installed Leopard on under the startup disk. I do meet the hardware requirements to run Leopard however I cannot see the HD appear in the menu. I wonder if this is because I'm using a USB HD versus a firewire drive? I tested it on my Intel iMac running 10.4.11 and I can see the external drive to select as the startup disk. Any suggestions on how to make it appear on my G4?


Thanks! I had no idea about those options in disk utility. I'm glad I dont have to choose between tiger and leopard ^^


With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.


my macbook pro doesnt hard drive cable is bad can i install a new os tiger on an external drive

josh han

if you wanna run your mac with the external hard drive instead of going through the complicated steps that he mentions here just hold down the option button until you see a screen show up and then click the external drive and it will run through the external drive!


guys pls help...i run a G5 ppc..10.4.11, i would like to install leopard on n external ATA hd, which is blank....it will be connected to the G5 via usb...will this work...tq

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