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Thanks for your info. It is very useful.

Steve Blevins


Thanks for the article. I was trying to get my new iPhone to work on my wireless network. How many times can you type in a key?!!! Your technique worked perfectly the first time. I appreciate this immensely.

Steve B.


these settings are simple to do on the iphone....but how do u configure de wifi network on the laptop?


Thank you so much!! My wireless network at home is at a 128 bit encryption and after entering my key about 10 times and still not connecting I was ready to give up! A few days later I found this n it worked the first time! I wouldn't have thought that we had to manually select what security type but it makes sence in the later. Anyway thanks heaps


Thanks heaps, your solution solved a long standing connection problem. Well done!

John Hafemeister

Instructions were dead on. The only thing I found was I had to type the name of the network using upper and lower case letters as those appearing when the newtork is discovered. I tried all lower case at 1st, and it did not like that.


Great this work like a charm!

Dan O'Neill

Talk about frustrating I worked on this for days and thought is was my router! Thank You!!!!! like the above comment make sure to use upper or lower case letters.

Peter Fletcher

Sorry to rain on the parade here guys but I've done that about a hundred times. Still not working. Gah >:-(


yeah... this definitely does not seem to work... i get the exact same thing as before.... although i can connect to unsecure wifi with no problem at all


its working, hurra


Thanks for this, it does work.

JM Tuber

Great stuff Ron, thank you for posting this.

Sumit Anand

Hey bro,
Thank you very much for the lovely information. I was trying this since i bought iphone(1 yr) but today you told me the right and easiest way to configure it.

May god bless you!

Sumit Anand


Nice m8 :)

Kate Lenzo

THANK YOU!!!! I have been trying to get a "normal" speak description of how to do this, and for whatever reason your post never came up in my searches. I finally have found you, followed your steps, and yippee - have connected to my network!


Peter, Derrick,

Have you found another solution? Same thing happens to me too


Thanks so much! Worked like a charm.


thanks it worked


I'm trying to get my Iphone to connect to a 128 bit WEP hex pair password, but it keeps saying it's unable to connect to the Network.

Any clues!!

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